Rock climbing

With over 140 sport routes, 12 multi pitch bolted routes, about 20 traditional lines, and some 120 boulder problems, Eagle Mountain / Mount Everest has it all. The mountain's location on a private game reserve provides for a great rock climbing environment.

Most climbing areas are suitable for beginners and advanced climbers alike and the views, especially on the multi pitch lines, are spectacular, providing a real “out of Africa” feeling.

Accommodation is available in self-catering chalets. All accomodation except camping has a special discounted rate for members of any mountain climbing club. Contact us for the promo code. Proof of membership required.

The grade range of the 140 sport routes is 8-28, while the multi pitch bolted lines range from 11-28. Most of the routes are in the beginner/ intermediate range, making Mount Everest / Eagle Mountain an ideal destination for less experienced climbers.

In addition there are excellent traditional lines but the rock is soft, so one must make sure of gear placing. The 120 odd boulder problems vary from easy (3) to very hard (7C). Currently there is no route guide for the boulder problems. Similar to Swinburne, the rock is relatively soft and friable, with a good possibility of holds breaking off. Wearing of helmets, especially for belayers and people at the base is highly advisable.

Take lunch with you or take a break and drive back to your chalet. The Rock climbing venue is a child friendly venue. All chalets have braaing facilities. No other fires are allowed.

Other than the rock, the only danger is from the volatile weather. Summer can be extremely hot, while winter can bring snow and very windy conditions. Come prepared for all possibilities, i.e. from down jackets to sun block and shorts.